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   Crediton Museum, Local Entertainment Exhibition Opens 22 April 2015    12 February, 2015

The subject of this year's exhibition at Crediton Museum, opening Tuesday 22 April, is Entertainment - how local people have amused themselves over the years. In our archive we have much material, photos, posters, programmes etc., on plays, pantos etc, which have been put on but we could always do with more! For instance, we do not have a poster advertising the Devon County Agricultural Shows at Crediton and I'm sure we're missing many programmes and photos for plays etc. held in schools and village halls throughout the area.


I am writing to ask if you could please advertise as widely as possible our appeal for people to let us know whether they can help by lending us suitable material for the exhibition, which will end in October. Any help you and your residents can give will be greatly appreciated.


Best wishes


David Nation


Crediton Area History & Museum Society

3 George Hill
EX17 2DT

Tel. 01363774441
Email: nationdandm@yahoo.co.uk

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