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   The Parish Enters The 21st Century, Faster Broadband Arrives    31 December, 2015

Faster Broadband is Now Available.

Well it's happened, OpenReach connected The Parish of Down St Mary to the Fibre Network, on 31 December, so you MAY be able to sign up for Faster Broadband. If you go on to the OpenReach website, and use their phone number and post code checker, you will be able to see which companies can provide you with this service.


Please note the large MAY above. This refers to the distance you are away from the OpenReach cabinet, which in my case is known as Copplestone 5 and is located directly opposite the Devonshire Dumpling. Therefore your download speed will depend on

1. Being connected to Copplestone 5

2. The distances your property is away from this cabinet, because the further you are away the slower the speed, and if to far way, sorry you cannot connect to the network. Therefore if you are really close to the cabinet you could expect to see 40 to 60Mb, but at the top of the hill opposite the Village Hall it will be in the region of 13 to 20Mb.

I plan to hold a Digital Awareness Event, one evening in the Village Hall so we can all get up to speed, on what is available to us now we have joined the 21st Century. Watch out for details on this Website.

If you have any comments or require further infomation please contact me at


Best regards


Parish Webmaster, and Digital Champion.




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