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   Update:- Slow Broadband    31 March, 2016

Update:- Slow Broadband


Good Afternoon All

Firstly I must thank all of you who responded to my request for your Download and Upload Speeds, including Latency/Ping number. I collated them all and sent them to BT OpenReach/Connect Devon and Somerset, who reviewed them. I now understand our issue has been elevated to the Chief Engineers Office for a full investigation.

To progress our issue The Chief Engineers Office has asked if we can repeat the exercise, one month after our original tests were carried out. Therefore can I please ask you to repeat the Speedtest using the link below, 




Then email the results, along with your landline phone number to me at.


I will then produce another spreadsheet with the data, and forward to OpenReach/CDS.

Fingers crossed, there may be light at the end of the tunnel

Best regards


Webmaster Down St Mary <webmaster@downstmaryparishcouncil.org.uk>

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